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Link Building for SEO

Link Building in 2019

Maybe the biggest change that has happened in SEO in the last few years has been Googles ability to understand when links are being built in a manipulative manner. 

The Google Penguin update made it increasingly difficult for black hat link building techniques to manipulate the algorithm by building hundreds of thousands of links from low quality or spare me destinations.

Prior to this, link spam used to work very well. But that doesn't mean that the penguin update changed Googles reliance on links to detect a quality website over a low-quality one.

Links are still very important in Google Search ranking algorithm however bad links a much easier to detect one of the most pressing questions that this is raised with SEO professionals is “how can I build links safely in a way that Google will not penalize?”. 

Contrary to what some marketing journalists of reported link building is still very much alive and well. Matt Cutts from Google confirmed this back in 2015 when he admitted that links still played an important role in the way that Google understands the importance of content. Links are still the backbone of SEO Hobart. In simple terms, links are still the way that we cast votes for what is most important on the web.

Every link building campaign that is undertaken needs to be done so with care, consideration and thought. There are no shortcuts to successful results when it comes to link building backlink should be built in a way that is organic and does not manipulate Googles guidelines. 

If you have never done any sort of link building for your website working with an SEO professional is a good way to understand how you can build links in a way that isn't going to get your website penalised.  SEO professionals understand the intricacies of building links in a way that is natural but is also done with the purpose of improving the authority of your website.


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